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Soft ResiScope AFM mode

Soft ResiScope

True Quantitative Resistance/ Current Measurements with Intermittent Contact





soft resiscope

The Soft ResiScope principle is based on intermittent contact. The lack of friction and the constant force of the tip on the sample provide quantitative measurements without damaging the surface of delicate samples.This unique and innovative AFM mode is able to expand the fields of applications of the « ResiScope II » to soft samples such as organic solar cells, conducting polymers or other biological samples, while retaining its wide measuring range (10 decades).






Soft ResiScope Mode VS Oscillating/Contact modes : no invasive technique


soft resiscope

Areas of a soft sample (PMMA) measured in contact mode (blue area) then oscillating mode (green area) and finally in Soft ResiScope mode (red area)



Soft & Standard ResiScope Modes : Preserved performance


soft resiscope

Resistance measurements with Soft ResiScope mode (red area) compare with contact mode (blue area) on RAM sample

Cross sections analysis on resistance measurements show identical results between Soft and Standard ResiScope modes.Red line: Soft ResiScope, Intermittent Mode
Blue line : Standard ResiScope, Contact Mode


Application on a Soft Sample


soft resiscope


Soft ResiScope only available on Nano-Observer AFM



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