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Surface roughness measurement with IF-Profiler

Optical surface profilometer to measure roughness and form

IF profiler
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IF-Profiler at a glance

  • The system: Surface roughness measurement including form 
  • The function: Quality assurance in research and production near environment 
  • The benefit: Flexible and easy to use 
  • The application: Quality assurance of car bodies, print rolls, etc.
  • The technology: Focus-Variation for an area based 3D surface measurement 


The system: Surface roughness measurement including form


The IF-Profiler is a 3D profilometer to measure surface finish including form in a high vertical resolution. Roughness is measured based on the extraction of a linear profile (Ra, …) according to ISO 4287/88. In addition, users benefit from areal based roughness measurement according to ISO 25178. This allows to numerically verify also local roughness and surface state. The lightweight IF-Profiler consists of a 3D measurement sensor and a robust, at the same time handy framework. The ergonomic design combines ease of use and requested mechanical rigidity.


The function: Quality assurance in research and production near environment


The IF-Profiler combines all functionalities of a 3D surface roughness measurement device and a micro coordinate measurement machine. Users measure roughness and form of both, flat and curved components with only one system. Optimized illumination of surfaces provides short exposure times, leading to fast measurements. The IF-Profiler is combined with a small control server including electric power supply and enables the fast and easy change of measurement positions or measurement locations.


The benefits: Flexible and easy to use


The IF-Profiler achieves flexible measurements and applications at high measurement speed. Depending on the application, users gain results within 3 seconds. The working distance of up to 34mm in combination with a measurement field of up to 10mm x 10mm enables a high range of measurable components. High resolution measurement of even highly polished components or components with various coatings is achieved throughout motorized polarization.


The application: Quality assurance of car bodies, steel plates, print rolls, etc.


Amongst other applications the IF-Profiler is used to measure surface finish and form even on large and heavy components. Fields of use are the measurement of e.g. turbine or rotor blades, steel and body type surfaces. Users achieve traceable measurements in high repeatability.


The technology: Focus-Variation for area based 3D surface measurement


The IF-Profiler is based on Focus-Variation. The technology‘s high measurement point density enables form and roughness measurement of surfaces across large measurement areas and volumes. Every measurement value automatically includes information for estimating the measurement uncertainty. As an area based technology, Focus-Variation is already included to the most recent EN ISO 25178.


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