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D-600 Stylus Profiler-KLA Tencor

KLA Tencor - AlphaStep® D-600 Stylus Profiler


The KLA-Tencor Development Series of Stylus profilers offer a complete solution focusing on the needs of the engineering and research community. Our Development Series of surface profiler products is designed to match the varied requirements of our customers through the delivery of full featured products, integration of new technologies, and improved performance.


Applications :

The AlphaStep® D-600 systems provides the widest range of application specific capabilities, including a maximum 1.2 millimeter Z range, sub-angstrom resolution, 6 angstrom step height repeatability, motorized X-Y stages, and many other features. With its motorized 150 X 178mm X-Y stages, the AlphaStep® D-600 can be programmed to automatically make multiple measurements at different locations on the sample. As an added feature, the D-600 incorporates a 4X motorized zoom camera for highly versatile sample visualization. For either the researcher or process engineer, the AlphaStep® D-600 delivers great performance with outstanding value.

The graphical user interface has a multi-document interface that allows a user to continually acquire and display scan data. This permits the user to analyze the data while acquiring additional measurements. The profiler software controls support scans to be automatically leveled, scan features measured, and displayed in an Excel compatible format on the screen. All of the windows are independent which mean the control panels and data display windows, real-time scanning window, the data results window can float or be docked anywhere on the screen. This feature gives the user a fully flexible environment in which to acquire and analyze data.


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