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Nanonics - MultiView 400 SPM system

Nanonics - MultiView 4000


The MultiView 400 is an extremely versatile and modular SPM system. Indeed, this instrument is the only SPM system available with a free optical axis from both above and below the sample, and thus can be moved easily between different host microscopes allowing for completely integrated microscopy. Moreover, often SPM alone is not sufficient to achieve all information available about a sample. The MultiView 400™ provides the microscopist the ability to simultaneously study a sample with SPM and conventional optical microscopy. Upgrades are available which will allow simultaneous microscopy with NSOM or SEM.

Main features:


Large Z Scan Range

The MultiView 400™ enjoys all the advantages of the large, 70-micron x, y and z-range of the Nanonics 3D Flat Scanner™. With such a large range in the z direction, imaging of tall structures or deep trenches is easily achieved. The same scanner can be used with a reduced z-range for high resolution imaging.


Closed Loop Option

With the inclusion of embedded closed loop sensors, the Nanonics 3D Flat Scanner can return the sample (or tip during tip scanning) to a precise spot with an accuracy of 20 nm. This is unaffected by hysteresis, creep, non-linearity or aging of the piezoceramic.

Therefore the Nanonics MultiView 400™ with closed loop sensors can perform linearization of the scanner both on-line and off-line during a scan. With the addition of a third z-axis sensor the Nanonics 3D Flat Scanner can perform strictly horizontal movement of the scanner. This can be essential in particular in confocal imaging or when working with certain liquid samples.


Integration with Complementary Techniques (micro-Raman or SEM)

Its system architecture also enables the MultiView 400™ to be integrated with commercial micro-Raman microscopes, such as those developed by Renishaw plc. Such combined system integration permits correlation of SPM topographic, thermal and electrical properties of a sample surface with micro-Raman spectra. If placed into the sample chamber of any SEM microscope, the MultiView 400™ can allow simultaneous SEM and AFM imaging of a sample.


Available Options and Upgrades

The Nanonics MultiView 400™ Microscope can be upgraded at any time to include greater functionality of any of the Nanonics Microscope range. The following options are available either at the time of initial purchase or as upgrades at a later date: