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SNOM microscopy Nanonics

SNOM Microscopy


Modular SPM system


MultiView 4000

The MultiView 400 is an extremely versatile and modular SPM system. Indeed, this instrument is the only SPM system available with a free optical axis from both above and below the sample, and thus can be moved easily between different host microscopes allowing for completely integrated microscopy...

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Scanned probe microscopy and conventional optical microscopy


MultiView 1000

The award winning MultiView 1000™ is the first system available that fully integrates all forms of scanned probe microscopy with conventional optical microscopy. Designed around Nanonics' patented, award winning 3D Flatscan™ scanner technology and incorporating sophisticated cantilevered optical fiber probes, the instrument can simply and transparently be combined with any inverted, upright, or dual optical microscope....

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SNOM probes

Nanonics is the only supplier of the entire spectrum of probes used in SNOM today. Those probes perform all mode of NSOM operation and are breaking new ground with exciting new techniques...

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