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Present in some European countries, Scientec distributes all its equipments in France, but also in Spain, in Portugal, in Benelux, in Switzerland and Northern Europe.

ScienTec Ibérica
C/ Rufino Sánchez 83
28290 Las Rozas

Tel :+34 918429467



The ScienTec company rent you some equipments of its range.

In the PHOTOMETRY department, luxmeters (T-10), chromameters (CL-200A, CS-100A), spectroradiometers (CS-2000), LCD/CRT Color Analyzers (CA-100+, CA-310) and videophotometers (LMK 98 ; CA- 2000) are available.

In the SURFACE ANALYSIS department, AFM, profilers (P series), interferometric microscopes (MicroXAM) are available too.

Any other demand can be studied. Do not hesitate to call us or to make a demand by e-mail.

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ScienTec offers training during the delivery of its equipments. Formations will be provided by a specialized engineer to familiarize you with your new system.

So, you will be ready to optimize your new equipment, improving consequently its return and that of your company.

Regarding possible formations out of this context (formation consecutive to a purchase), please leave us an e-mail at the address below.

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The ScienTec company possesses all the necessary equipments to calibrate and test the equipments which are marketed or rented.

A black room allows calibration and grading of all the equipments of the PHOTOMETRY department (photometer, spectroradiometer, sources of reference, luxmeter...) on guaranteed sources, monochromators, optical benches...

Regarding the SURFACE ANALYSIS department, a laboratory equipped with test benches and with standards allows the gradings and the calibrations of AFM scanners, profilers, optical profilers...

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After-sales service

The ScienTec company is equipped with all the material means (optical tests benches, sources, important stock, computer equipments old and new generations) and of a effective staff (specialized technicians and engineers) providing you the best maintenance and after-sales service.

A laboratory (perfect for the maintenance and the after-sales service of SURFACE ANALYSIS and MAGNETOMETRY departments equipments) and a dark room (ideal for the maintenance of PHOTOMETRY department equipments) were created to answer your expectations and it in the most brief time intervals.

Various maintenance contracts are available to guarantee you a personalized follow-up.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question :