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Nanonics - SNOM Probes

Nanonics - SNOM Probes


Nanonics is the only supplier of the entire spectrum of probes used in SNOM today. Those probes perform all mode of NSOM operation and are breaking new ground with exciting new techniques.

Nanonics range of NSOM probes includes all of the following:


Optic-Fiber SNOM Probes

cantiliver_nsom_probeNanonics holds the exclusive right to produce cantilevered optical fiber probes. In this pioneering probe technology, the fiber tip is bent and coated with metal. Therefore light can be transmitted to the aperture with the same efficiencies and polarization properties as those of conventional, straight near-field optical elements. As a result, near-field optics can benefit from the user-friendly normal-force feedback technique employed with much success in standard AFM systems. Straight NSOM probes are also ideal for performing simultaneous NSOM and shear-force AFM. All our probes have the highest throughputs and can achieve the highest resolutions with apertures down to 50nm.


NSOM Raman Enhancement and Apertureless SNOM Probes


Nanonics produces metal coated NSOM optical fiber probes for use in apertureless NSOM techniques. Nanopipettes can also produce Nanopipettes with embedded nanoparticles. old or silver nanoparticle probes are especially useful for research into enhanced Raman imaging and apertureless NSOM.


Active NSM Probes for Imaging and Ion Sensing Probes

fluorescent_materialCantilevered and straight nanopipette probes can be filled with fluorescent materials. These active light sources can be provided with a variety of sensing capabilities. Sensors are currently available for H+, Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Cl-, other sensors are also available upon request.


Hollow NSOM Imaging Probes

Polished_pipetteThese probes are useful for high peak power laser pulses and can be used in the IR and very deep UV regions where regular fiber probes do not transmit, for example, 10 micron IR wavelengths or vacuum UV wavelengths below 180nm. These probes have a high threshold for damage making them especially useful for nanolithography and for highly localized metal removal using femtosecond laser pulses.

These probes are not recommended for general imaging applications because they can generate higher noise levels due to their immobility, lack of waveguiding and inability to view the probe tip on line.

Intermittent contact mode of operation is not possible with hollow probes because of the need to illuminate the aperture with a lens. Intermittent contact mode results in additional noise under such conditions.


Others Probes

Polished_pipetteNanonics AFM glass probes are used for imaging surface topography with nanometric resolution and better characteristics than silicon atomic force sensors. Contact, non-contact, and intermittent contact probes are available for a variety of surfaces and for a range of materials and structures.

Nanonics Visible-Probe Tips are cantilevered probes, which use normal-force feedback and leave the probe tip exposed for maximum visibility. They have high aspect ratios (10:1) and can be customized to provide unique profiling possibilities.

Specialized AFM probes include:

deeptrench_micrograph- Deep Trench probes that can be used for imaging the bottom or side walls of deep pits.
- Hollow AFM probes that can be used as NanoFountainpens™ or for gas/liquid delivery and polymer molecular imaging.
- Electrical probes.
- Probes with hard to achieve force constants and resonant frequencies.