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MicroXAM 100 Surface Profiler-KLA Tencor

MicroXAM 100


The KLA-Tencor Development Series of 3D surface profilers offer a complete optical surface profilometer and optical interferometry solution focusing on the needs of the engineering and research community. Our 3D surface profiler and optical interferometer products are designed to match the varied requirements of our customers through the delivery of full featured 3D surface profiler and optical interferometry products, integration of new technologies, and improved performance.

The MicroXAM-100 3D surface profiler and optical interferometer complements our optical surface profilometer portfolio by combining white light and phase-shifting optical interferometry for precise, non-destructive 3D surface profilometer that are internally and permanently referenced to a standard wavelength of light. The 3D surface profilers and optical inteferometer system provides precise, high-resolution, non-contact 3D surface profiles of both smooth and rough surfaces. The intuitive Windows user interface allows simple and reproducible program navigation.

The MicroXAM -100 3D surface profiler and optical interferometer can measure fields of view from 100 X 100 microns to 2.0 X 2.0 millimeters (dependent on the objective lens used). The MicroXAM 3D surface profiler and 100 optical interferometer quickly and accurately measures the 3D topography of surfaces at the nanometer level with 0.1 nm z-resolution (scan setup dependant) a z-scan range of 250 microns (or up to 10 mm with Z-Stitching). With the new 3D image stitching capabilities, multiple images can be stitched together to produce an extended fields of view.

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