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DHM 1000 Reflection / Transmission-Digital Holographic Microscopy

DHM 1000 Reflection / Transmission

Lyncee tec DHM 1000 : Digital Holographic Microscopy

A new generation of patented microscopes for 3D real-time optical topography.

The ultimate solution in high precision microscopy combining simultaneously : 3d high resolution, real-time imaging, robust / stable and easy to use.

Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) generates, in real-time, high resolution 3D digital images of a sample using the principle of holography. Holograms are generated by combining a coherent reference wave with the wave received from a specimen (see figure below). They are recorded by a video camera and transmitted to a computer for real-time numerical reconstruction. DHM software procedures allow computation, from a single hologram acquired in a few microseconds, of the complete wavefront emanating from an object and provides :

- Intensity images providing the same contrast as with classical optical microscopy,
- Phase images providing quantitative data, defined at a sub-wavelength scale, used for accurate and stable measurements. In reflection, the phase image reveals directly the surface topography with a sub-nanometric vertical resolution. In transmission, the phase image reveals the phase shift induced by a transparent specimen, which depends on its thickness and refractive index.


This digital approach to holography allows the application of computer based procedures at a level unreached in video-microscopy. In particular the DHM principle features software compensation of optical aberrations, digital image focusing and numerical compensation for sample tilt and environmental disturbances, making DHM a robust and easy to use method for routine inspections at the nanometer and micrometer scale.

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