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In-Situ Indentation System


In-Situ Indentation Systems



Nanomechanics is proud to offer the InSEM mechanical properties microprobe. The InSEM features a mechanical feed-through for a variety of SEM chambers and is coupled with a precision nanomechanical actuator, which provides you with highly resolved force and displacement measurements in your SEM, FIB, or vacuum chamber. This feed-through allows the user to make adjustments to the tip position from outside of the SEM; two adjustments are used to move the tip in the pitch and yaw directions, providing the maximum flexibility for in-situ mechanical testing. When the system is not in use, it can be fully retracted or the system can be removed from the port and stored in its protective box. 

When testing, video files from your SEM are automatically captured as the system performs mechanical tests on your samples inside of the chamber. This video file is captured and synchronized with the mechanical test data so that specific test events can be reviewed with both analytical and visual data at the same time. When the InSEM is combined with a system that has a FIB, limitless possibilities are available for fabricating the samples and testing them in a seamless operation.



  • Displacement Range: 30um
  • Displacement Resolution: 0.01nm
  • Load Range: 30mN
  • Load Resolution: 3nN
  • Operating Modes: Tension
  • Compression
  • Feed-through Displacement Range: 30mm
  • Feed-through Axis Resolution: 35nm




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